Ben Affleck accused of sexual touching by Scott Brothers actress

Offended by the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Ben Affleck expressed his disgust on social networks. What he had forgotten was that he too had been behaving more than a few years ago to a very young actress who – still today – remains shocked.
Yesterday, to mark his disgust against the scandal Harvey Weinstein , Ben Affleck declared himself “sad and angry” on Facebook. “I do not know what to do to make it not happen to others ,” the actor wrote on his page. We need to improve ourselves to help our sisters, our friends, our colleagues and our daughters. We must support those who denounce, condemn such behavior when we see it and help ensure that there are more women in positions of power. “That irritated some Internet users who remembered that in 2003, Ben Ben Affleck had shown himself very limited with a young woman, fiddling with her consent without camera.

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